Decentralized Car Data Market and Automobile Ecosystem for V2X

What kind of technology is adopted for this blockchain to be utilized? AutoSafe and AuthentiCA are for network security and personal authorization. And Carios CryptoWallet is car data platform.
CariOS Auto Wallet AutoSafe
CariOS Mobile Wallet CariOS CryptoWallet
CariOS CA AuthentiCA
CariOS Blockchain

ICO-Sale end in

Softcap 12,000 ETH Hardcap 66,700 ETH

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Token Distribution & Sale

Target cap on crowdsale: $25 million

Total Token Supply: 10 billion (10,000,000,000)

  • 40% Sale
  • 30% Ecosystem management, R&D
  • 10% Reserve
  • 16% Team & Advisor
  • 4% Marketing & Promotion

Road Map

  • 2018. 3Q Public sale and token distribution
  • 2018. 4Q Mobile Wallet v1 launch (Token Transfer)
  • 2019. 1Q Testnet launch
  • 2019. 2Q Auto Wallet v1 launch
  • 2019. 3Q Mainnet launch (Blockchain v1 launch)
  • 2020. 1Q Auto Wallet v2 launch (Communication with Mainnet)
  • 2020. 3Q Client for Service Provider v1 launch
  • 2020. 4Q Blockchain v2 launch
  • 2021. 2Q Blockchain v3 launch

Our Team


Enthusiastic investor in blockchain Kevin Zhou is one of the pioneers who developed the blockchain technology in China and an opinion leader in the Chinese digital currency community.

Kevin Zhou Founder, CEO

Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the investment banking industry. Global experience in Hedge Fund, Venture Capital, and Private Equity.

Hope Lee CO-Founder, CFO


Assistant Professor in Finance, Director of Master Programme in Finance & Investment , Global Finance Centre (GFC), Nottingham University Business School, China (NUBS, China).

Bi Xiaogang Auditor

The Institute of Comprehensive Transportation of NDRC Senior Research Engineer.

Xuan Yulong Technical Adviser

Chinese Academy of Sciences (PH.d),
Former ROWE CTO.

Zhang Jianguo Executive Advisor


Designer and developer of big data systems,
More than 15 years software development experience in network transmission, software optimization, distributed architecture and large concurrent.

Daniel Jia Senior Software Developer

Former Experienced Alibaba staff software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry.Skilled in Python, Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP), Network Engineering, Network Security, and Unix.

Kai Jiang Senior Big Data Product & Data Application Developer

Steve Zheng Facilities Manager

Xiu Lan Management Support Team

Electrical Engineering(Ph.d),
Former Geely auto senior technical reserch engineer.

Zhang Shiyan Technical Adviser

Zhu Xiao Sales & Marketing Manager

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